OSX 10.7 Lion Out Now

21 Jul

Apple’s newest operating system, Lion, is now available for download for just $30 on the Mac App Store. Run Software update on your computer and prepare your computer for the upgrade. If you’re running Time Machine on an external hard-drive now would be the time to back up. Once that’s done, go to the Mac App Store and get yourself Lion.

Apple's Macs running Lion

Apple's Macs running Lion

Lion includes apps such as Facetime for video conferencing, LaunchPad for getting to your applications in an iPad-esque way, and Mission Control, Apple’s new take on their old Exposé and Spaces ideas. With full screen applications and a handful more of Apple’s gesture controls, along with auto saving, inverted scrolling, and Versions, and in total about 250 new updates, thirty dollars is a bargain. Go ahead and upgrade and explore the new OS!

What else is new?

Apple has also upgraded its Macbook Air and Mac Mini. Apple has officially discontinued the MacBook, now only selling the Macbook Pro.

Apple's Macintosh Lineup

Apple has also released a new display screen for the Thunderbolt I/O. It’ll work for any of the new Macs, and is backwards compatible with your Mini Display Ports as well. It contains an HD Camera, mic, and speakers built in. Just imagine plugging your iMac into this. My knees go weak at the very thought.
What’s next?
Keep your eyes peeled for iCloud, Apple’s take on cloud storage, and iOS 5, Apple’s new OS for iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad products. iCloud and iOS 5 are both coming sometime this fall.
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